RJ — Summer beaches: Copacabana, Arpoador & Ipanema

I was very excited to go to those famous beaches. Copacabana is a simply beach that actually is a bit dirty so I didn’t swim into it. But I like that kind of landscape, you know, with the city just behind.

Then comes the Arpoador with its famous rock from which you can have a beautiful view (I see beautiful views everywhere, I know… hahaha). Anyways, this was my favorite part of the day.

Finally there’s Ipanema that is the continuation of the Arpoador. Nice too.

My last impression is that those beaches where not as wonderful as I expected, as media make us expect… Those are simply beaches. I liked it, but next time I would probably stay in the outside of the capital and I want to visit the northeast a little bit: Natal, Salvador, Fortaleza



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