My Hair routine ft Ouai

Another of my 2018 goals was to take better care of my hair. For those who don’t know I started coloring/dying them at 15. (basically because I didn’t like their lightening in the summer).

During the two years that followed I changed color each month… I had blond, white, grey, yellow pee, pink, purple, brown, black and I pass. I ain’t telling you how much their were damaged after this! Of course I had to cut them. In January 2016, I did a Brazilian blowout and put keratin extensions (they were blond at the time) then towards the end of the year I dark my hair again. (If you want a complete article on my capillary disasters, please let me know lol)

About mid-2017 I finally realized my hair was screwed up and I had to do something! I decided to no longer use heat on my hair (straightener, curler, hair dryer) and rinse my hair with cold water at the end of my shower. That’s when my hair transition started. I needed new products so I decided to test the Ouai brand that I had heard a lot about on the networks. I answered the quiz on their site to find out what products were best for my type of hair and I want to say I was very satisfied. The products do not dull my hair but make it very silky and shiny, especially the oil protector from heat and UV that I apply when coming out of the shower or on dry hair. The 10 minute mask is also super and I loved the dry shampoo.


Only negative part is that I learned some time ago that some components found in hair products are to be avoided such as silicones and sulphates. If you do not know it yet, the silicone (fat) is precisely what gives this light and silky texture to the hair because it covers it of an invisible varnish. In the long term, silicone clogs the pores, smothers the hair and prevents other active ingredients present in the care from penetrating. Your spikes are brittle and then become forked, snappy and dull.

Sulfate is a surfactant, that is an agent with foaming, washing and cleaning powers present in hygiene and toilet products. Sulfates tend to weaken the pigment and thus to tarnish the coloured hair. They can also be irritating. These agents are not directly harmful to humans, but they are not bio-degradable. Some also point out parabens but these are preservatives intended to ensure the microbiological protection of products, which guarantees consumer safety. So, unless you’re sensitive to parabens, there’s nothing to worry about. But how do you recognize your agents when you buy products? You have to read the compositions carefully and pay attention to the following words:

Dimethicone Amodimethicone Dimethiconol; Dissodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate; Sodium Lauroyl Sulfoacetate, Laurate, Laureth, polysilicon. In general, all names ending in Thicone, Thiconol, siloxane or silane and all sulfate derivatives should be avoided.

Unfortunately, all these names mentioned, were in the compositions of the Ouai products. I do not recommend you these, if like me, you want to grow back your natural hair. Today you can find a lot of organic products/without sulfates and silicones in stores or online. It is important on the other hand to know your hair well in order to find out which products suit best.

I would love to hear you thoughts on this, if you started your hair journey, are in the middle of it, already finished or even if you haven’t take the step yet.

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