Micro-Entrepreneur & Brand Partner

Oh Madame business look

I left my Assistant job in December 2018 because, despite my part-time (80%), I wanted to have more free time and especially take care of my health which was at the lowest.

In 2016 I was contacted by a blogger and member of the Nu Skin company in the UK. I’ve been able to try several of their products since then and, in January 2019, I had the opportunity to be part of the company myself ! 
Being a skincare addict and having already tried several products that have agreed to me, I seized the opportunity.

Why Nu Skin?

Despite my scepticism about “network marketing” companies and the way some people run their thing… I learned a lot about the company and I tried several products I bought myself.

The company has existed since 1984 and is listed on the NewYork stock exchange. It works with more than 75 international scientists to offer innovative products including the ageLoc range, an anti-aging science, unique in the world. Nu Skin is listed in the top 5 of the best network marketing companies in the world.

What is my advantage with Nu Skin?

  • Take care of me. It is important, I beleive, to take care of ourselves inside and out.
  • Be able to work from anywhere and organize my schedules according to what is more important to me in life.
  • Meet amazing people in different countries, help others to develop their business, work as a team and motivate ourselves on a daily basis.

How to buy the products?

You can buy the products
1) online via the official website Nuskin.com (mandatory registration with a sponsor number: CH33134721, otherwise you can’t order),
2) or directly through my e-shop (without registration).
Follow my IG stories to be aware of the promotions in the shop.


On my online shop, you will only find products that so far are suitable for my skin and that I use everyday. If you are interested in other products specific to a certain skin problem, do not hesitate to contact me or to look at the company’s website directly.
As with all brands, there are products that we like/suits us and others that we don’t like/don’t suit us. And like any woman, I use products from different brands. Find them also in the “shop” section on the blog as well as my discount codes.