• My Hair routine ft Ouai

    Another of my 2018 goals was to take better care of my hair. For those who don’t know I started coloring/dying them at 15. (basically because I didn’t like their lightening in the summer). During the two years that followed I changed color each month… I had blond, white, grey, yellow pee, pink, purple, brown, black and I pass. I…

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      2017 was a wonderful year. When I remember everything that happened the last 365 days… I would never thought of that! Before I start the recap of the year, I wanted to thank you for being so many every day following my journey, for always supporting me and for being so optimistic and funny! I thank you for your…

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    15 Things About Me

    I hope you are all doing well. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about new topics and new blog posts I could share with you. Then I realized you don’t know a lot about myself so here we go: “15 things about me“- #1 — Thank you for those who sent me their questions. J’espère que vous allez tous/tes très bien.…

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